A Buddhist students' manual. by Christmas Humphreys

By Christmas Humphreys

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In his Editorial for the January-February issue of the Review, which was numbered Volume 12, No. 1, Ananda Metteya announced a steadily increasing circulation, while at a large meeting convened on January 4th, to discuss plans for the International Buddhist Union there was produced a remarkable list of representatives in all parts of the world. 50 A BUD D H IS T ST UD EN TS' MANUAL Among these we find mention of our friend, U Kyaw Hla for Burma, and R. H. Nixon, better known to students of Eastern philosophy as Sri Krishna Prem.

In December, 1913, Dr. Rost had to perform on him a serious operation for gall-stones, and though the news from Rangoon during the next few months was reassuring, his health was little if at all thereby improved. There is little to report during the next three years. Meet­ ings were held in London at 11 H art Street, and later at the premises of the Emerson Club, 19 Buckingham Street, Strand. The best attended meeting of the year was naturally that of the Wesak Festival in May, and reports of the proceedings show three to four hundred persons attending.

P. ,*' he took up the study of Pali, and, renouncing the householder's life, spent the remainder of his days in the revival and spread of the Dhamma in the East and West. " In 1891, the year of Mmc. Blavatsky's death, he visited Buddha Gaya, the famous site of Buddhist pilgrimage, and straightway resolved to agitate for its return to purely Buddhist hands. To this end he founded in Calcutta the Maha Bodhi Society which, founded on May 31st, 1891, is the oldest existing Buddhist Society. In July, 1925, he had written me a long letter from a nursing home in Switzerland, whither he had travelled from Ceylon to recover the health he had forfeited by years of overstrain.

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