A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism (Popular Dictionaries of by Christmas Humphreys

By Christmas Humphreys

A dictionary and a word list of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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Is the oldest historical tree in the world. Bodhnāth Buddhist temple near Katmandu, Nepal. Date of foundation unknown, but may be contemporary with Asoka. Regarded as the holiest shrine of Bsm. outside India, it is a famous place of pilgrimage for Tibetans coming down from the North. The central Stūpa famous for the all-seeing eyes painted on the four sides. ) Factors leading to Enlightenment. For seven of these, see Sambodhi. ) Pronounced Pön. The indigenous, pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. Little is known of it in detail, but it seems to have much in common with the Shamanism of Mongolia, a form of nature-worship mixed with psychic and sexual practices.

Has led to idea of annihilation as goal of Buddhist endeavour. ) which form the evanescent part of man. e. losing objective existence but retaining subjective being). See Anattā, Nirvana. ) Repose of mind. , in the famous question by the second Patriarch Hui-k’o to Bodhidharma, who sought repose of mind. See Hui-k’o. ) Condition between lives. ) Lit. ‘Making an end’. In the esoteric analysis of man’s principles the path or bridge between the lower mind or personality and the higher mind or reincarnating compound of principles and faculties in which is inherent the power to achieve Enlightenment.

A factor of consciousness. Nearest Bst. ). ) have been called Karma-producing impulses or volitions. ) An Abhidhamma term for a factor of cousciousness. ) of Feeling, Perception and the Sankhāras. Ceylon Ancient names Taprobane and Lanka. Converted to Bsm. ) (c. ). Stronghold of Bsm. for many centuries, but had periods of decline. The teaching became almost extinct on several occasions, being revived by Bhikkhus from Siam and Burma. Almost exterminated by forced conversions under Portuguese rule revived under Dutch and British rule, last revival being that by Col.

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