A Survey of Mathematics with Applications Plus NEW MyMathLab by Allen R. Angel

By Allen R. Angel

In a Liberal Arts Math direction, a standard query scholars ask is, “Why do i must recognize this?”  A Survey of arithmetic with functions continues to be a best-seller since it indicates scholars how we use arithmetic in our day-by-day lives and why this is important. The 9th variation extra emphasizes this with the addition of latest “Why this can be Important” sections through the textual content. Real-life and up to date examples encourage the subjects all through, and quite a lot of routines support scholars to strengthen their problem-solving and demanding considering abilities.


Angel, Abbott, and Runde current the fabric in a fashion that's transparent and obtainable to non-math majors. The textual content contains a good selection of math issues, with contents which are versatile to be used in anyone- or two-semester Liberal Arts Math direction.


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Computer Technician Dave Maliwauki, a computer technician, charges a $25 flat rate plus $30 per hour to repair computers. During one month, his total income from repairing 15 computers was $885. How many hours did he spend repairing computers? 21. Rain or Snow A plane is flying at an altitude of 15,000 ft, where the temperature is - 6°F. The nearby airport, at an altitude of 3000 ft, is reporting precipitation. 4°F for every 1000-ft decrease in altitude, will the precipitation at the airport be rain or snow?

14 CHAPTER 1 Critical Thinking Skills ■ In problems similar to that in Example 7, the number of regions or areas into which you choose to divide the total area is arbitrary. Generally, the more regions, the better the approximation, as long as the region selected is representative of the other regions in the map, diagram, or photo. When you estimate an answer, the amount that your approximation differs from the actual answer will depend on how you round the numbers. 03. 03. When estimating, you need to determine the accuracy desired in your estimate and round the numbers accordingly.

A Million Dollars a) Estimate the time it would take, in days, to spend $1 million if you spent $1 a second until the $1 million is used up. b) Calculate the actual time it would take, in days, to spend $1 million if you spent $1 a second. How close was your estimate? Estimation 19 Internet/Research Activities 60. Water Usage a) About how much water does your household use per day? Use the following data to estimate your household’s daily water usage. S. Environmental Protection Agency b) Determine from your water department (or company) your household’s average daily usage by obtaining the total number of gallons used per year and dividing that amount by 365.

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