A Unified Theory of a Law by John Bosco

By John Bosco

The limits that outline a legislations were chanced on, explored and mapped. A Unified conception of a legislation is the map. Take it with you in your trip during the felony international.

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There are two types of litigant in a court of law because the focus of a court a law is conduct and conduct has only two ends. On one of its ends is the Source of conduct - who, in a court, is called a defendant; on the other end is the Recipient of conduct - who, in a court, is called a plaintiff. If conduct had one end or three ends instead of two, the number of litigants would be a number other than two. A Unified Theory of a Law has developed a graphic to help you organize the legal ideology being taught.

Your law school left a gaping hole in your legal education that the proverbial truck can be driven through. Instead of taking umbrage at my exposing the hole in your legal education, fill the hole with A Unified Theory of a Law or any alternative doctrine - if you can find it - that systematically imports, processes and exports legal meaning. In the first half of the nineteenth century, the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote a story called, 舠The Emperor舗s New Clothes舡. Anderson told a tale of a king and a kingdom who deceived themselves into thinking that an imaginary set of clothes were real.

Furthermore, none of the permutations of a law can coexist with each other with regard to the same flow of conduct from Source to Recipient through circumstances. A Lawmaker picks one permutation and rejects the other two. Why? The pair of opinions that underlie each permutation of a law are different for each permutation of a law. THE CONJUNCTIONS OF LAWMAKING Because a Lawmaker, during the process of making a law, takes into account both polarities of conduct, it is helpful to take notice of the conjunctions used to join the two polarities of conduct together in a permutation of a law.

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