Achoo!. The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about by Trudee Romanek

By Trudee Romanek

Within the 5th Mysterious You publication, Achoo!, children probe the secrets and techniques of disease and sniff out what germs are, why they usually make us unwell, how bodies conflict them and the way vaccines shield us opposed to them.

This certain sequence explores the mysteries of the human physique utilizing a mixture of completely researched real info, outstanding anecdotes and incredible try-it actions.

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While he was gone, a spore from a mold called Penicillium drifted through his window and into the experiment. Two weeks later, Fleming could see that his bacteria had spread all over the agar — except where the mold had formed. He’d discovered a mold that could kill bacteria. Through more experiments, he found the lethal substance that the mold produced. He called the world’s first bacteria-killer, or antibiotic, penicillin. It was many years before two other scientists, Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, did more experiments and showed the world how important penicillin could be.

Even now, more than two hundred years later, doctors wouldn’t be able to make Washington’s cold go away. Antibiotics are 36 amazing at fighting bacteria, but they do absolutely nothing against viruses. That’s why taking penicillin won’t help your cold. It takes time for your body to battle a cold or flu virus and get back in control. So the most important thing doctors prescribe is rest. There are some things you can do to feel better, though. Cold medicines from the pharmacy can stop the coughing or clear a stuffed-up head.

In one experiment, researchers gave one group of cold-sufferers plenty of cold water. They gave a second group the same amount of hot water, and gave a third group hot chicken soup. The people who drank the chicken soup got much more relief of their cold symptoms, especially congestion, than any of the others. ” • In the united states, more chicken soup is sold in January, at the height of the cold and flu season, than at any other time of the year. 37 GERM OF AN IDEA 38 Keeping the Germs Away How would you like to risk your life to end one of the world’s most deadly diseases?

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